Going, Going, Gone!

Welcome New Friends,

I’m on the move. Last weekend I successfully touched down on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico (once again)! We are quickly going to take a quick recap of the past year.

January 2016- I returned to Minnesota after a final undergrad semester in Spain followed by two wonderful weeks in France. I also finally completed all of the courses necessary to graduate from the University of Minnesota! Go Gophers! Yeah.

April 2016- After a ‘temporary’ stint at my parents’ house (what I thought would be weeks turned into months) and literally applying to 100 jobs I began working three part time jobs in St. Paul and moved into a townhouse.

August 2016- I found a new and improved living situation and began working at a non-profit arts organization. I quit my old jobs and started a new, even more demanding work schedule to save up money for a prospective move.

April 2017- After months of saving I finally felt comfortable financially to move. I put my two weeks notices in and once again found myself at my parents. I spent a month studying for the GRE and sifting through the heaps of stuff I had collected during my 24 years of life.

May 2017- I took the grueling GRE exam and after a week of packing, I boarded my one-way flight, with two large suitcases and one small bag, to my new home in Puerto Rico.

Today is my 6th day in the new apartment with my significant other. I still haven’t finish unpacking and have basically trashed the place with my belongings scattered about.

You might be asking yourself, why share all of this information? When I was preparing to move I dug in the weird places of the internet for information on moving to Puerto Rico. It was hard to find any recent advice or blogs, so my intention is to share my personal experience with others. Wether you are moving, traveling, figuring out post-undergrad life, or just love living vicariously through others- there will be something for you in this blog.


3 thoughts on “Going, Going, Gone!

  1. I’m currently doing my undergrad! And I would lovee to travel as much as you have and explore new places whilst working hard. I’m really looking forward to learn from all your experiences. 🙂


    1. Hi Natasha! Thank you for your kind comment. I’m excited to share my experiences with you and all the best with your undergraduate studies!


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